Experimental marketing


As the name suggests, experiential marketing focuses on the experiences and the emotions of the customer. Experiential marketing allows customers to take ownership of the brand due to the emotional engagement created through the experiential campaign.

Instead of paying for a newspaper ad that is only useful for one day, the client can spend the same amount to reach a group of customers that can market the product on the company’s behalf.

Guerrilla marketing

guerilla marketing

Guerrilla media tactics are an attempt to gain short-term visibility and impact in markets where the conventional media are cluttered.

We present your brand differently to gain the customers and prospect customers attention to generate higher brand visibility and return on investment.

Ambient marketing

ambient marketing

Ambient media are a fairly recent innovation and represent a non-traditional alternative to outdoor media. Ambient media are regarded as out-of-home media that fail to fit any of the established outdoor categories. We create unusual media to help your brand stand out amongst all the ads around.

Brand activation

brand activation

We create marketing activities that interacts with your target audience, these activities bring your brand to life, interacts with the customer and increases positive word of mouth. As per a common saying “action speaks louder than words”. Make your brand interact and show it’s spirit to capture the maximum market share.

Brand engagement

brand activation

This is what we do best, we know how to engage a brand with the right target audience. How to engage their emotions and gain their attention to maximize the overall brand and product exposure. Managing a brand can be challenging and it works through a process of engaging the brand and reinforcing the values of the brand with its target audience which results in building strong brand overtime.